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Immerse yourself in the Culture of Croydon

Join us on a fun-filled journey through London Croydon, awarded London Borough of Culture 2023! With everything from mouthwatering cuisine to renowned concert venues, we can't wait to share the diverse and lively charm of Croydon with you.


Explore Croydon’s Art Scene

London Croydon Art Scene


Croydon is well known for its expanding art scene with several galleries and sculptures worth visiting.  Recently, five local artists brought a more artistic vibe to the town centre by transforming 50 lampposts with vibrant canvas displayed as banners.

📍 Turf Projects - The first entirely artist-run contemporary art space in Croydon, this local artist hub offers free exhibitions and creative workshops available to everyone.


Step back into Croydon’s History

Get ready to step back in time! Discover Croydon's rich history with us. Explore much loved museums, hear fascinating tales, and immerse yourself in the past. It's more than just a trip, it's an adventure! So, are you ready to make history fun?

📍 Museum of Croydon – This museum aims to celebrate Croydon’s culture whether through art, history, or music, it features free exhibitions that people can visit and enjoy.

London Croydon Airport Visitor Centre

📍 Croydon Airport Visitor Centre - Opened in 2000 and crowned with a British Tourism Award, the exhibition space at Airport House houses displays in the world's oldest Air Traffic Control Tower. The interactive exhibits and visuals trace Croydon Airport's journey from a World War I airfield to London's international airport, a Battle of Britain airfield, and its eventual closure in 1959.


Discover the music of Croydon

London Croydon Music Scene

Get ready to dance, Croydon! Our vibrant music scene is bursting with fresh beats and tunes. From toe-tapping jazz to heart-stopping rock, there's something for everyone. Unearth the musical magic in our city today!

📍 Croydon Music Heritage Trail - celebrates the borough’s rich music history and heritage, looking to the past, present and future.

📍 The Front Room - a live music spot in Croydon, showcasing a variety of musical and theatrical acts in a close-knit setting. It's a launchpad for emerging artists and theatre producers, championing improvisational and experimental performances.


Fancy a Show in Croydon?

Get ready for a thrill! Croydon's theatres are buzzing with top-notch shows. From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, there's something for everyone. Grab your pals, pick a show, and prepare to be amazed. Fun times await in Croydon!

📍 Fairfield Halls - Theatre and concert hall opened in 1962, staging musicals, concerts, and light entertainment shows. Check out there upcoming events to see what all is on offer!

 Fairfield Halls London Croydon

Stroll through Croydon’s Green Spaces

Explore Croydon's green spaces for a breath of fresh air. Wander through serene trails, picnic in blooming gardens, or simply enjoy quiet moments with nature. Don't miss this chance for a delightful outdoor escape!

📍 Coombe Wood - an ornamental garden which features many mature coniferous and broadleaved trees.

📍 Wandle Park – a 4-hectare town centre park which offers tranquillity to the Croydon area. Has features such as play area, skate park, rose garden and the views of the River Wandle which flows through the park.

📍 Littleheath Woods - a 25-hectare amenity woodland in Croydon, is a Grade 1 site of Borough Interest. This Ancient Semi Natural Woodland is located in a Green Belt Area, boasting a special character.


Enjoy the cuisine of Croydon

Get ready for a foodie adventure in Croydon! From sizzling street food to gourmet delights, Croydon serves it all. So, strap on your appetite and come explore the tantalising tastes we offer. You won’t leave hungry, guaranteed!

Boxpark London Croydon

📍 Boxpark Croydon - find the best in global cuisine from independent and local street food traders - showcasing their creative and unique menus.

📍 Basil & Grape - an Italian restaurant, pizzeria and wine bar boasting some of Italy’s finest labels, all of which have been handpicked.

📍 Yumn Brasserie – is a fine dining experience that offers a unique experience from the stunning decor to the exquisite food and the artisan side offers.


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