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Stars Appeal

Charles Hope Apartments is proud to support the Stars Appeal by giving £1 for every night booked and with your help we can give them more, when making a booking you will be asked to round up your booking invoice balance, please do think about donating as all funds make a massive difference to the charity and the work it does. Covid-19 has had a massive effect on its ability to fundraise and each donation goes someway to helping a sick child and their families.

The Next Staff and Guest Event

Charles Hope Apartments staff will be walking 5k from each of our sites in the UK at 11am Sunday 5th July and will be actively encouraging our guests onsite to join in on the walk for a small fee of £5 per person or £10 per family. This includes a free drink from us at either the start or finish of the walk. Not only does this help to raise money for the charity but it get you our guests out and seeing some of the area you have visited that you may not have before.

The meeting place for all walks is outside the main entrance of the building.

Why have we chosen the Stars Appeal

In 2018 our founders Elin and Richard became the proud parents of Twin boys Noah and Hugo and like most twin pregnancies they arrived slightly early at 34 weeks.

The early arrival and the delivery together brought some issues which lead to the boys being placed in the neonatal intensive care unit for two weeks, the early arrival not only means that not only are you not quite prepared at home, your not quite prepared mentally for the fundamental change thats just happened.

The arrival in this case was not quite the screaming baby then handed to the waiting parents as you see in films but silence, Elin in an operating theatre, Richard outside in a grey corridor and two boys wheeled out in silence in incubator boxes and doctors and nurses rushing them to intensive care.

The experience within the NICU was one of the most stressful but also one of the most eye opening, the care and dedication the doctors and nurses in particular give is indescribable.

As anyone can imagine the need and basic human instinct to want to be near your newborn child is overwhelming and without the help of the stars appeal this simply wouldn't have been possible to the extent we were able to. The Stars appeal built and continue fund a dedicated area for families and parents attached next to the NICU whereby you have in many ways your own apartment where you can sleep for a few hours, have a shower and make some food. Without the support of The Stars Appeal the whole experience would have been completely different and would have had a detrimental effect on both mother, father and babies. We will be eternally grateful for the support of both the NICU and The Stars Appeal for their assistance and hope in some way we can assist them to continue to make a difference to the lives of the children and families they serve.

Help us raise £100,000 this year, join in now, thank you.



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