Aparthotels Manchester - 7 Reasons To Book a Serviced Apartment Instead


We've put together 7 reasons to book a serviced apartment instead of an aparthotel Manchester. If you are researching your upcoming trip to Manchester and considering an aparthotel, then read on! We might change your mind.

Every month over 5,000 people search for ‘Aparthotels Manchester’ making hotels with studios and apartments a popular way of staying for one to a few nights in the city. There are lots of accommodation choices for staying midweek, or for a weekend in Manchester. You can take your pick from aparthotels, hotels, AirBnB, serviced apartments, guests houses and more! So which type of accommodation should you choose?

We think that if you are looking for an aparthotel Manchester, you would enjoy staying in one of our fantastic serviced apartments. Here’s seven reasons why:

Seamless arrivals

We have a reception, so you can speak to real people, just like at an aparthotel, but we also use digital key locks to make arrival and entry seamless. You will get your access code and can just use that to access the main building and your apartment. The building has lifts, so there are no stairs to lug your luggage up, making things easier when you arrive and depart.

Prices are competitive

Our Manchester Apartments are often priced close to or only slightly higher than the aparthotels Manchester. The difference can be zero, or as little as £10 a night. For that difference though, you are getting extra bang for your buck. More space, more facilities, more amenities – a good deal we think! If you are staying with friends, rather than get two studios, or one beds in an aparthotel, you can share a two-bedroom apartment, which has two bathrooms, so you have your own ‘getting ready space’ each. This makes traveling and staying, not only more comfortable, but more affordable and sociable too!

Size matters

Studios in aparthotels Manchester, can be as little as 225 square feet in size. Our one-bedroom apartments are 581 square feet in size and our two-bedroom apartments are over 800 sqaure feet. This means if you choose a one-bedroom apartment, instead of a studio in an aparthotel, you could be getting as much as 2.5 times as much space. You will enjoy a bigger living space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Sounds like a win? It is.

More facilities

The facilities vary from property to property in hotels and aparthotels. The perception is often that hotels or aparthotels have more facilities. Our Manchester serviced apartments have a reception, a huge gym and fitness centre at the building and communal gardens. We also offer a 24-hour helpline and whilst there is no kitchen ordering in food with modern apps like Deliveroo, Justeat and Uber Eats is easy.

Secure on-site parking

Parking can be a challenge, depending on the location. We offer secure parking, which can be booked and paid for per night. This means you know your vehicle is on-site and safe. This gives you peace of mind.

Great amenities

If you want to cook breakfast, or prepare a meal before you go out, you have a fully equipped kitchen with all the utensils and appliances you need. There are lovely sofas to relax on, and tables to sit and eat at. You can put your clothes into a decent size wardrobe. Whether you like coffee, or tea, it’ll be easy to make both. The apartments have espresso machines. Wouldn’t you love a king-size bed? Yes! Sell all amenities and facilities on our Manchester listing.

Pets allowed

Whilst there is a charge for bringing a dog or cat, and some conditions, generally pets under 15kg are fine. This means cats, and smaller dogs are allowed, you can indeed bring your favourite companion along and there will be plenty of space for and your four-legged friend whilst you stay!


That’s our seven reasons wrapped up.

If you have not tried staying in a serviced apartment with Charles Hope before and are visiting Manchester, give us a try instead of an aparthotel. You can book or enquire here.

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